Supporting local charities and community causes


Supporting Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeals

In response to the devastating earthquakes that have hit Turkey and Syria recently, the Shanly Foundation have pledged to donate £25,000 to Save the Children Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal and £25,000 to the Disasters Emergency Committee Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal.

While we usually restrict donations to charities within a geographical border (see map for more details -, we are very responsive to humanitarian and international disasters having donated internationally in the past significant sums to:

  • 2020 Haiti Earthquake appeal
  • 2021 Save the Children Covid Emergency Fund
  • 2022 Ukraine helping by donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee and donating to send medical supplies via British Ukraine Aid and supporting orphans of the war in Poland.
  • 2022 Save the Children – East Africa Hunger Crisis in Somalia
  • 2022 SAVE The children Pakistan Floors Appeal

We are proud to be supporting two great charities that are helping in Turkey and Syria on the front line, where aid is desperately needed. Our donations reflect a fundamental aim of the Shanly Foundation – to support those who need it most.