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Supporting the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

We are thrilled to announce our support to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE). Our contribution will be utilised to bolster the Resilience Funds, which play a pivotal role in enabling more young individuals to participate in this prestigious program.

The DofE is an internationally recognised initiative that empowers young people to explore their potential, build essential skills, and develop resilience. It challenges participants to engage in a range of activities, including physical pursuits, skills development, volunteering, and expeditions. Through these endeavours, participants acquire invaluable life skills, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment.

The foundation’s substantial donation will be utilised in various ways to support the aspirations of young individuals. One of the primary uses will be to subsidise the participation fees, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder any deserving student's ability to partake in the DofE journey. With this support, the participation fees will be significantly reduced, making the program accessible to a wider range of young people.

Additionally, the foundation's contribution will assist in covering travel and activity costs, allowing participants to fully engage in the physical activity and skills competencies required to complete the award. This provision ensures that financial barriers do not restrict participants' opportunities to undertake meaningful experiences that foster personal growth and development.

Furthermore, the Shanly Foundation's donation will enable grants to schools to purchase core equipment on behalf of families who may struggle to afford it. This initiative ensures that all participants have access to the necessary tools and resources required to fully engage in their chosen activities.

Targeted support for struggling schools is also a crucial aspect of the foundation's contribution. By increasing capacity in these educational institutions, the foundation aims to ensure that more young people can benefit from the transformative opportunities provided by the DofE program. Through this support, the Shanly Foundation seeks to inspire and empower young individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.

Finally, the foundation's donation will aid in covering South East operational staff costs. By supporting the local DofE staff, the Shanly Foundation directly contributes to the smooth operation of the program, ensuring that its impact reaches as many young people as possible in the South East.

The Shanly Foundation's commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award reflects its ongoing dedication to investing in the future of young individuals and communities. By enabling greater access, removing financial barriers, and strengthening the support system, the foundation amplifies the impact of the DofE program, empowering countless young people to unlock their full potential.

For further information about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, please visit their website here.