Supporting local charities and community causes

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Our First Shanly Staff Quarterly Award

On the 8th of February, we held our first ever Shanly staff quarterly award, where employees from Shanly Homes and Sorbon Estates were given the opportunity to vote for a charity that had recently received a donation through the foundation. Together for Short Lives was the winning charity with 66% of votes; they consequently received a one-off award!

These votes will occur quarterly and they reflect the Foundation’s aim to focus more on staff inclusion. It is very important that employees get involved in the awards process; members of staff regularly attend board meetings and CSR days allows everyone to take part in supporting a local cause. The introduction of the Shanly staff quarterly vote will be a large step forwards towards this aim.

This quarter’s winning charity, Together for Short Lives, distributes grants  to families across the UK who cannot reduce their energy consumption due to needing to run lifesaving technology. They also provide a helpline for families facing difficulties and support children’s palliative care services.

A spokesman for Together for Short Lives said: This is absolutely fantastic news! I honestly can’t tell you how much difference this money makes to us and the families we support, so please do let the staff know they are complete superstars for supporting us in this way. Once again thank you!”