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Delight in the Woods

We are very pleased to be supporting Delight, a charity that delivers high-quality arts-based learning programmes to support the creative development, learning and well-being of children. Delight work with local schools in closing the opportunity and attainment gap for those children affected by disadvantage or additional needs. They do this by working in long-term partnerships with primary schools and professional arts partners to immerse children in the world of visual arts, contemporary dance, drama, creative writing, and storytelling.

Our donation will go towards their Delight in the Woods project, which immerses children in ‘Story Land’ in the woods where they encounter a host of intriguing characters facing a range of dilemmas -one of which follows them back to school. The programme is tailored specifically to the individual children, working with the class teacher to present a unique and magical experience.

The Delight in the Woods programme has been shown to help children, with 47% showing an increase in empathy and 91% of parents/carers feeling more encouraged to create stories with their child.

If you are interested in donating or volunteering with Delight, please click here.