Supporting local charities and community causes

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Shanly Foundation donates over £135,000 to aid COVID-19 relief in home counties

Shanly Foundation has donated over £135,000 to help more than 75 local organisations whose activities are directly related to the fight against Covid-19 and those most vulnerable to it.

As the number of confirmed cases of the virus in the UK reaches over a quarter of a million, the money donated has helped to ensure charities have access to much-needed additional funding during this critical period. The money, part of a £150,000 pot made available by the Shanly Foundation, has funded hot meals for front-line hospital staff, aided in the delivery of prescriptions to those self-isolating, provided clothes for the homeless and much more across 78 different organisations and projects in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond.

One such charity who has benefited from a donation from the Shanly Foundation is The Baby Bank. Set up in 2015, the Maidenhead-based charity provides local families with children up to the age of 16 with a range of essentials from nappies and toiletries to beds to educational packs. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the charity has seen increased demand from vulnerable households experiencing additional financial strain. The Shanly Foundation has donated £2,500 to the charity to help fund their work.

Rebecca Mistry, co-founder of The Baby Bank, said: “If we hadn’t received the Shanly Foundation’s generous contribution, it would have been impossible for us to provide so many children with educational packs alongside the usual essentials during this challenging time.”

Operating since 1995, Family Friends is another organisation who has benefited from a donation from Shanly Foundation. Based in Windsor, it provides practical and emotional support to families in the area. With COVID-19 putting additional pressure on parents having to home school their children while working and often having to deal with their own mental health issues, Family Friends has seen a surge in demand for its services, which the Foundation’s £2,500 donation has helped to keep running.

Director of Services at Family Friends, Tracy Muschamp, says: “This substantial donation is helping us to provide essential support to local families juggling more than ever before, during what is, for many, a highly uncertain and difficult time. This is also a challenging period for the charity sector, so the grant couldn’t have been timelier.”

Tamra Booth, Trustee at Shanly Foundation, comments: “The Shanly Foundation has always championed local charities and being able to provide support to so many additional great causes during this time of extra need is of huge importance to us. We’re glad that this £150,000 pot is helping so many worthwhile projects across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond.”