Supporting local charities and community causes



Scannappeal, a charity independent of the NHS, raises funds for life-saving equipment for hospitals and community health services in the Buckinghamshire area.

Through their ‘All Heart Appeal’ they are raising money to purchase two heart scanners for Amersham and High Wycombe hospitals which will help diagnose and evaluate all types of heart disease. The first scanner has been purchased for Amersham Hospital and our donation of £3,500 will be used towards the second scanner being purchased for High Wycombe Hospital. This scanner also comes with unique Polarvision which allows a 3D reconstruction of the beating heart to be projected from an adjacent screen. This allows a team of clinicians to view the heart in detail, showing ’slices’ of images of the heart while it is beating making it easier to see blockages and plan exactly what is needed for delicate open-heart surgery.

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