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Defibrillator installed for community use at local school

The Shanly Foundation has donated a defibrillator to Turners Hill C of E Primary School. The life-saving piece of equipment was unveiled at a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the school’s senior staff, including headteacher Ben Turney, and members of the Shanly team.

The school, predominantly attended by children from Turners Hill village, is located just a five-minute walk from Clock Field, Shanly Homes’ new collection of three, four and five-bedroom family homes and has been an integral part of the local community since 1877.

Based in the very heart of the village, the school has placed the defibrillator on one of its external walls, ensuring that members of the local community are able to access it 24/7 in case of an emergency.

The defibrillator, an essential first-aid device, gives the heart an electric shock in the event of cardiac arrest. Using one in the minutes before the arrival of an ambulance can double the chances of someone’s survival.

The school has arranged first-aid training sessions for Year 6 students and interested members of the local community, which includes a demonstration of how to use the newly acquired device.

Jo McDonagh, Sales Director at Shanly Southern, said: “We’re pleased that the entire Turners Hill community will now have access to the defibrillator. The health, safety and happiness of the communities in which we operate are always high on our agenda.”

Ben Turney, Headteacher at Turners Hill C of E Primary School, said: “Shanly Group’s donation to the school will help us raise awareness of the importance of first-aid. The fact that the general public will have access to the defibrillator at any time of the day means people will be able to receive immediate help in case of an emergency, potentially saving lives.”

Shanly Group and Shanly Foundation have contributed in excess of £20 million to charitable organisations since 1969.