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Once in a lifetime trip for disabled skiers and volunteers

On January 27th the Jumbulance Trust, a national travel charity which provides holidays and trips for those with disabilities and serious illnesses, took a group of disabled adults for a fun-filled active week of assisted skiing in Niederau, Austria. Charlie Simon and Rocio Lozano, both employees at Shanly Homes, were the lucky two volunteers chosen by Shanly Foundation to join the trip with the nine participants, their carers, nurses and special instructors.  

The journey to Austria was by coach and took 22 hours. The spacious accessible coach came complete with kitchenette and toilet which, along with the great company, made the journey easier for all volunteers and participants.

During the week-long trip, days were broken into morning and afternoon ski sessions, with lunch in between. After the afternoon sessions, the volunteers and participants would go back to the hotel and relax in the hotel bar for a catch up on the day’s events followed by dinner.

Reflecting on the trip, Charlie said “It was one of the best experience of my life and very eye-opening too. I certainly know that I will be trying to do it again next year and look to support Jumbulance in the future”, while Rocio added “Helping the Jumbulance group has been amazing, watching them enjoy such a great sport was the best part of the trip. The experience has been incredible”.

The Shanly Foundation has supported Jumbulance for almost 10 years and has donated almost £32,000 to the charity since 2008.