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Helping conserve Gomm's Wood, High Wycombe with Chiltern Rangers

Our awards officer and communications manager were delighted to be invited by The Chiltern Rangers to join them on one of their conservation days at Gomm’s Wood in High Wycombe to see first-hand how Shanly Foundation funding is making a difference in the community. Chiltern Rangers is a social enterprise working with local communities to provide practical habitat management of the woodlands, chalk grassland, commons, ponds and chalk streams in the Chilterns. Not only do the Rangers undertake vital conservation work, they also accept volunteers from the entire community including the unemployed, the elderly, those with social or learning difficulties as well as those who are isolated and require a little company.

Our team spent the day sawing down small trees and clearing scrub to create pockets which will enable increased light to enter the woods thus providing ground habitats for insects and flowers. This is an important part of the conservation work the Rangers undertake to ensure the sustainability of the woodland.