Supporting local charities and community causes

Application Terms and Conditions

Awards and pledges are subject to the terms and conditions which are set out below. On occasion the Foundation may alter or add to these T&Cs; any such changes will be communicated to successful applicants where relevant. By accepting the grant payment into your bank account you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


  1. The award is to be used specifically for the purposes given in the approved application. If you are unable to use the grant for the specific purpose for which it was intended, please contact the Foundation prior to spending any portion of the award.
  2. We understand that projects sometimes change as they develop. If any significant changes are likely to be made to the project’s scope or scale, before or during implementation, or if the project’s timetable is delayed, please inform the Foundation as it may affect the original basis of the award.
  3. For awards and/or pledges for projects that may take over one year, the Foundation would ordinarily require progress or update reports every 6 months. We would also expect that accounts of how awards/pledges are expensed to be lodged.
  4. On completion of a project, any unspent portion of the grant should ordinarily be returned to us. If, once you have received the money, you envisage the timescales of your project changing, you must contact us to explain the situation and request approval for any extension to the terms of the grant.
  5. The Foundation may require repayment of a grant if you become insolvent or go into administration, receivership or liquidation.
  6. Your organisation is not eligible to make a further application to the Foundation until at least twelve months have passed from the date of your grant offer letter. In some cases, the Foundation may extend this timeframe, in which case the terms will be contained in your grant award letter.
  7. If your organisation does not meet the requirements set out in this document, the Foundation reserves the right to reclaim some, or all, of the grant at any time.


In some instances, the Foundation may offer a grant to be paid when specific conditions have been met (for example when your organisation has raised a certain level of funds). In this instance you will receive a Pledge Letter which will outline what the conditions are.

At the point you believe the conditions have been met, grants should be claimed in writing with relevant supporting evidence. If you submitted a postal application please send us a letter in the post to our usual address. Payment will only be made if the Foundation is satisfied that your organisation is in a position to spend the money and the conditions have been met satisfactorily.

Grants awarded as a pledge must be claimed, subject to your compliance with any previously specified conditions, within two years of the date detailed on the Pledge Letter, failure to do so will result in the automatic withdrawal of the grant awarded.


The Foundation requests that the grant is acknowledged in an appropriate and timely way, though we appreciate that how this is done will depend on the nature of the organisation and the project.


We are grateful to receive invitations to events related to your charity’s work or to the specific project we have supported and these may be sent to the Foundation’s office for the attention of the charity administrator. We regret that it may not always be possible to attend these events but please do continue to keep us in touch with your activities.