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Shanly Foundation Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund – Guidelines For Applications

Application Criteria

  1. The purpose of the Shanly Foundation Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund is to assist organisations in creating initiatives and delivering services which directly help individuals affected by the pandemic. This includes, for example, services such as:
  • Food production, food banks or food delivery to needy families, those in self-isolation or key workers such as hospital staff
  • Collection/delivery of prescriptions or medical equipment to individuals at risk
  • Activities to assist children with education
  • Befriending services such as helplines or online services to reduce loneliness among vulnerable people
  • Counselling services to help maintain mental health and reduce anxiety and stress
  • Outreach services to help the homeless, those with addiction or alcohol dependency
  • Other initiatives that can demonstrate direct benefit to those affected
  1. The Fund cannot be used to support an organisation with core costs such as rent, utilities or salaries. The Trustees appreciate that this is a very challenging time for all organisations, but the focus has to be on meeting the need in the community during this crisis.
  2. The Fund will only make an award to organisations in the Shanly Foundation area for donation. Please see map here.

Please note:

  1. Awards will NOT be made to individuals, for research, military charities, single faith charities or animal welfare organisations.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The award is to be used specifically for the purposes given in the approved application. If you are unable to use the grant for the specific purpose for which it was intended, you must contact the Foundation prior to spending any portion of the award.
  2. We understand that projects sometimes change as they develop. If any significant changes are likely to be made to the project’s scope or scale, before or during implementation, or if the project’s timetable is delayed, you must inform the Foundation as it may affect the original basis of the award.
  3. On completion of a project, any unspent portion of the grant should be returned to us.
  4. A brief report should be submitted at the end of the project (or within 6 months, whichever sooner) detailing the expenditure and outcomes of the project.