Supporting local charities and community causes


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Over the last 5 years Shanly Foundation has made over 2,000 awards. In 2020 there were 408 awards to good causes within the Shanly Group of companies’ areas of operation. In addition, Shanly Foundation made several further pledges to projects still in the making and payable at agreed trigger points. Awards range from a few hundred to several thousands of pounds - each case is considered on its own merit. 

Shanly Foundation aims to respond to applications within a timely manner and will usually request further verifying information before deciding on any award.

If your organisation wishes to apply for an award we would be delighted to hear from you but please check eligibility before submitting your application.

In 2020 grants under £1000 represented 6.5% of the total awards, between £1000 and £10,000 represented 61% and over £10,000 represented 17% (15.5% were unspecified amounts)